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We believe that you can have your own home

24, 2018



Do you still dream about how sunrises will look like from the window of your own home or what delights you will cook for your family at your HOME?

Mobiasbanca believes that you can have your own home and offers you mortgage loans in lei, at only 4.95%*, with fixed interest rate up to four** years.

In addition, you benefit from:

  • up to 20 years term for credit payment
  • you choose yourself the day to pay the monthly payment, depending on the date you get your monthly salary
  • you have zero currency risk
  • and Mobiasbanca Mortgage Center which is located at Chisinau, 13/1, Miron Costin street, gives additional gratuities and support for preparation and gathering of documents.

Sunrises and sunsets are more beautiful from the window of your own home. Convince yourself.

We are waiting for you in the nearest Mobiasbanca branch or visit the personal adviser of Mobiasbanca to contract a loan. Contact Contactell service available 24/24 to get more information.

* For a mortgage loan in MDL of 400,000 lei, for a term of up to 192 months, with a fix rate of 4.95% during 4 first years and 8.95% floating rate for the following years, with a monthly management fee up to 0.15% from the credit balance, granting fee up to 1%, yearly effective interest accounts for 9.21% (calculations are illustrative).

** The period for which fix rate is applicable depends on the credit term.

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