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Buying your ”First House” with Mobiasbanca


April 05, 2018


At Mobiasbanca we understand how important it is to have your own house and to feel safe and secure inside it.

To fulfill your dreams, through the „First house” State Program, we offer you mortgage plans and our help in buying the house you most desire.

You can take out a “First House” mortgage loan under the following conditions:
- 10% down payment, no additional collateral
- nominal interest rate: reference rate* + 3% bank premium
- 1% loan origination fee
- 0,5% annual guarantee fee, calculated based on the remaining balance of the State guarantee.

By subscribing to the „First House” mortgage plan, you will get the Mastercard Standard Contactless debit card absolutely free of charge and up to 20% discount on the insurance for the purchased dwelling.

Visit any of the Mobiasbanca branches to get professional advice on available mortgage plans for your first house. The doors of our Mortgage center are never closed, we are always ready to assist you to successfully navigate through all mortgage intricacies and offer help with the registration of property.

For a „First House” mortgage loan of 500 000 MDL taken for a period of 240 months, with an interest rate of 8,78%, with a loan origination fee of 1% and a guarantee fee of 0.5% of the State guarantee balance, the effective annual interest rate is 9.79% (the calculations are exemplary).

* Calculated as a weighted average rate of interests on new 6 to 12 months bank deposits in MDL and published by the National Bank of Moldova.


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