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Groupe Société Générale is building the metropolis of the future


February 22, 2018


Mobiasbanca shares its joy of the new ambitious project ‘Grand Paris’, involving Société Générale, which is committed to build the metropolis of the future, reconfirming its commitment to sustainable global development.

The project aims to be the third urban revolution in France, and as a partner of local authorities, the Group will invest about 2.5 billion Euro by 2020.

The commitment of Société Générale is focused on 3 main areas, including:

- to be the partner of local authorities, by financing investments and urban infrastructure projects

- to build the metropolis of tomorrow.  Through Sogeprom, the real estate development branch of Société Générale, the bank designs the future urban quarters in Paris and comes up with global solutions that integrate houses, offices and shops into the ‚smart city’ concept.

- to provide long-term financing to the companies that participate in the Grand Paris project and their infrastructure projects and build infrastructure, the real estate companies and developers that contribute to changing the urban landscape.

„As bankers, we finance individuals and legal entities that contribute to the creation of Grand Paris, and as a developer we participate in building a smart and future-connected city. Our commitment is characterized by a high level of social and environmental responsibility, which is an essential condition for a new metropolis to emerge. We are committed to a large-scale and long-term transformation project, of unparalleled significance, aimed to fundamentally improve the mobility of citizens of Grand Paris. We are proud to mobilize all our expertise in this field and to actively participate in this new urban revolution”, Eric Groven, Head of the Real Estate Division in France, said.

Mobiasbanca, part of Société Générale Group, complies with the corporate social responsibility policy, defined and dedicated to sustainable development.

We are building our future together, because it is #correct!


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