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The third lucky loan was won

April, 18, 2017

The happy news to win a loan at 0% interest rate for the entire repayment period on the taken loan, this time knocked on the Alexandru Edinciuc door.

Due to the fact that he took an advantageous loan between 3-8 April from Mobiasbanca and he had better luck, the lottery draw that took place according to the Regulation, available on website, appointed him the winner of the lending campaign.

Do you have a dream and you need a loan to make it come true? Fill in the form to take a consumer loan with and without collateral, a mortgage loan or a credit card and we will contact you as soon as possible.

For more details call Contactell, contact your personal advisor or visit the nearest branch of the bank.

There are 7 more loans at 0% interest rate! Take an attractive loan from Mobiasbanca and let the fortune smile particularly to you!

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