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The German Economic invites...


The German Economic invites press representatives to a press conference on the topic: “The economic impact of FDI in Moldova.”

The German Economic Team (GET Moldova), a group of economists that advise the Moldovan government on economic policy issues, have analysed the economic impact of FDI in Moldova.

It is common knowledge that FDI is important, but nobody so far quantified the relevance of FDI for the Moldovan economy. One major reason for this was the lack of processed data. GET Moldova teamed up with the National Bureau of Statistics and closed this informational gap by processing the relevant data. Based on the new acquired processed data, GET Moldova analysed the impact of FDI on production, employment, wages, state revenues and exports and came to the conclusion that the impact of FDI is quite strong, and probably considerably stronger than commonly assumed.

The press conference will take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, at 2 pm, in the Conference room of the IPN Press Agency, Casa Presei, 22, Puºkin St, of. 446.

Telephone – 022 93 00 73, 0.691 55 495

The press conference may be followed online at and afterwards in the archives.

DISCLAIMER: Organizatorii evenimentelor – nu agenþia de presã IPN – poartã responsabilitate exclusivã pentru corectitudinea ºi esenþa conþinutului invitaþiei la eveniment, prezentatã spre distribuire.


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