Europe Day to be celebrated May 9

Europe Day will be official marked in Moldova on May 9. A draft decision to…

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Customs post “Cahul” to be closed for several…

The customs post “Cahul” will be closed on April 29, between 6am and 11am, in…

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DCFTA contributed to higher exports to EU and…

The implementation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) contributed to an increase…

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Local news

Recreational area set up in Bursuc village

A recreational area with four arbors and a parking lot with a capacity of over…

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Viorica Zaharia: It is propaganda in favor of…

In connection with the Democratic Party’s initiative to modify the electoral system, Press Council president…

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Saxan and Gagauzia-Oguzsport to merge

The teams Saxan and Gagauzia-Oguzsport will merge on the initiative of the president of Saxan…

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News Agency IPN

Public Discussion: What are the chances of unfreezing the frozen Nistru conflict?

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Last videos

Conferințe IPN [HD] | CJI. Elemente de încălcare a normelor deontologiei jurnalistice, raport.Conferințe IPN [HD] | V.Gurău: ,,Proiectul EME Parkleitsystems este o înțelegere politico-mafiotă".
Conferințe IPN [HD] |  Reprezentanți a șapte uniuni ale veteranilorConferințe IPN [HD] |Veteranii și pensionarii MAI, acțiune de protest împotriva votului uninominal.
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