PPPDA: Salary raises promised by PDM are a…

These are crumbs thrown by the government to the local authorities. This is how the…

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Penalties for drunk driving made harsher

The penalties imposed for driving under the influence were made harsher. The MPs adopted a…

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First comprehensive assessment of Moldova’s trade corridors carried…

The largest part of international trade is performed through corridors - particular routes by which…

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Local news

Five-year-old transferred in a coma to Bucharest hospital

A girl aged five from Sangerei district was transferred with signs of liver failure and…

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Challenge over election organization to be filed to…

An application to sensitize the Constitutional Court (CC) was submitted by the Association “WatchDog.MD” Community…

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Moldova remains without team in Europa League

All the three Moldovan teams were eliminated from the UEFA Europa League in the first…

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News Agency IPN

Public Discussion: Consequences of UN vote on withdrawal of foreign army from Moldova’s territory

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